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Toothache Plant : Buzz Buttons : Pop Rocks of the Plant World!

Toothache Plant : Buzz Buttons : Pop Rocks of the Plant World!

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Pop Rocks of the plant world!! Toothache Plant or Buzz Buttons (Acmella Oleracea) is a small leafy plant used in folk medicine and more recently in cooking and mixology for its incredible ability to make your mouth tingle and numb. Buzz Button is a member of the Asteraceae family which also includes daises, dahlias, marigolds, sun flowers, zinnias, asters, chamomile and chrysanthemums. Native to tropical regions, the flowering herb is well known for its medicinal properties, thus aka the Toothache Plant, due to the numbing analgesic agent 'spilanthol' which is released when the bud is chewed. The Plant itself is about 18" across and several inches high, producing a mass of small round or cone shaped flowers. The leaves, roots and flowers of the plant contain spilanthol, an analgesic and antibacterial bioactive compound. In regular talk- it can Numb and Clean skin and mouth. The Tingling sensation is felt over the entire mouth, not just the tastebuds and is what chefs and bartenders prize as well. The flowers of Acmella oleracea have the ability to wake up the Entire mouth and therefore enhance and elevate the taste of the dish or drink containing it. The flower provokes a multi-sensory experience, including Mouth Tingling, Numbness and Increased salivation, making it an Unusual Surprise!!

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